Monthly Archives: September 2009

Critical programs (for me) now up and running on Snow Leopard

I updated to Snow Leopard the first day it came out and much to my ire, many of the programs and plugins that I use regularly were not compatible. Most of the issues had to do with 32/64 bit compatibility with system components. Fortunately the last became available recently (SafariStand).

So the three plugins that I rely on in Safari are finally up and running on Snow Leopard. Those being:

  • Glims
    • Adds Numerous sweet features to Safari such as improved search suggestions, many tab options, like “always open in new tab”, favicons on tabs and keyword searches!
  • SafariStand
    • The other essential plugin, add toolbar button for viewing individual site scripts and downloading flash movies (among other things).
  • GlimmerBlocker

Other programs I rely on that now are working great on SL are:

    • Allows programs like SafariStand to work.
  • Growl
    • You use Mac OS X and you don’t know what Growl is?
  • iStat Menus
    • Various type of monitors for your system, in the menu bar! Keeps you very in touch with your system. I used to use MenuMeters for the same purpose, but iStat Menus basically took that project and totally tricked it out, making it way better.

Trick Gmail into checking POP3 more often

I finally got sick of gmail only checking my POP3 account every hour or so, so I resolved to fix it. If you google this, there are numerous solutions, I thought I would share my experience. I have access to a web/mail server so I used that.

(1) Log on to the server. (2) Create the script ~/.mailthis

echo "x123456789x" | mail

(3) Then edit your crontab with crontab -e and put the following in there

* * * * * /path/to/.mailthis

You must put the absolute path here. This will send a mail to your pop3 account every minute.

(4) Finally create a filter in Gmail that says any message with the word x123456789x in it, delete it. That way you don’t spam yourself.

Thats it, now gmail will check your mail every minute since you are getting messages every minute.