A subdued, stylish beamer template

I finally got around to tweaking some of the the default Beamer themes that I like and putting together my own template. It is very subdued but stylish with a bit of flare. I does not include a footer but does include a running section header from the miniframes outertheme. Other than that it contains a few color and font tweaks. Download the template here.


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  1. I loved the minimalistic, non-intrusive, easily navigable but high information design with elan. Thanks! If I have to add a footer to it, is it easily doable?

  2. Thanks Monica!

    Yes, it is easy to add a footer depending on you want, the simplest way using one of the default footers is to add

    \setbeamertemplate{footline}[page number]

    after the \useoutertheme command. You can see more of the defaults in the “Beamer-Template/-Color/-Font footline” section of the beamer manual.

    You can get super fancy with the customization too, for example

    \begin{beamercolorbox}{section in head/foot}
        \color{gray}\vskip2pt~ \insertsection\hfill\insertpagenumber{} %
        of \insertpresentationendpage{} ~\vskip2pt

    Will add a colored foot box (color same as the headline color) with the section name on the left and the page number on the right. See the “Beamer-Template/-Color/-Font headline” section of the beamer manual for all the options.

  3. Hello. Thanks so much for such an elegant template/theme. I was wondering how you got that nice artwork on the first slide. I used the same template as you. All I see is Koch curve and not the beautiful branch like art work as seen in your slides.

    Thanks for your time.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best, Harish

  4. @Harish and @Roger

    I replaced that picture with one in the template because it was a bit slow to generate, you can get it by replacing the koch curve with:

        \draw [green!50!black, rotate=90]
        [l-system={rule set={F -> FF-[-F+F]+[+F-F]}, axiom=F, order=4, step=2pt,
            randomize step percent=25, angle=30, randomize angle percent=5}]
        lindenmayer system;

    Make sure to use the lindenmayersystem library in your preamble. See the “Lindenmayer System Drawing Library” section of the pgf manual for more ideas.

  5. Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for your prompt response. I tried using the code above, but for some reason, the document would refuse to compile now.

    I did add the line \usepackage{lindenmayersystem} towards the top of the script/file.

    But that does not seem to help either. I am really new to LaTeX. Any further assistance from your end would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for your time.

    Cheers, Harish

  6. Harish, did you try using usetkzlibrary instead of usepackage: [code] \usetikzlibrary{lindenmayersystems} [/code] At least for me it seems to do the job.

  7. Hi Cameron, I did my first academic presentation using this stylish template! I may tweak it a bit when I get time in the future. For now, it’s a BIG THANK YOU! Joe

  8. Thanks for the beautiful template! I have been trying to remove the table of contents from the title page (but not removing the gray and blue strip), but I couldn’t find a way to do this. Do you know how to remove the content of the header?

  9. This is a really nice template. Thanks!!! any ideas on how to use the spanish babel package..it refuses to compile…thanks

  10. How can i use this very beautifull theme in Lyx ?

    I am using Lyx in order to write my presentation in Beamer and i’d like to know how to use this theme 🙂

    thanks in advance 🙂

  11. Thank you very much for this template! Going to use this, with some colours changed to suit my tastes, in my bachelor thesis presentation 🙂

    1. Hi James, I tried to make a presentation with this template. The file has a .tex and not .sty extension. I tried to use

      \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{tikz}

      but still it is not working ! is the theme name tikz ?

      Thanks, Mohamed

  12. Hello Cameron, Thanks for your template, very useful 🙂 Just a little problem, I couldn’t use the “block” tag ? In the header I insert : \setbeamertemplate{blocks}[default] Then I use : \begin{block} … \end{block} but the text appears without block ? Have you got any idea how I could solve this ? Thanks rv

  13. Hi Cameron,

    I tried to make a presentation with your template. The file has a .tex and not .sty extension. I tried to use

    \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{tikz}

    but still it is not working ! is the theme name tikz ?

    Thanks, Mohamed

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