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Syntax highlighting of roxygen documentation in TextMate

With roxygen now on github, the release of roxygen2 and Hadley’s might now behind the project I expect roxygen to gain even more momentum.

R development in TextMate is great with the R bundle. Unfortunately the R bundle does not support highlighting of roxygen documentation by default. That was always a sticking point for me switching to roxygen because TextMate has really nice highlighting for Rd files.

So I hacked on the syntax file to get at least some preliminary highlighting of stuff after roxygen comments (#'). The file is in a gist over at github. It doesn’t yet work quite as well as I would like but it is better than nothing. In particular, highlighting of R code in examples does not work. Contributions/additions are welcome.

You must have must have the R bundle installed. The easiest way to install is to open the bundle editor (“Bundles” > “Bundle Editor” > “Show Bundle Editor”) and copy this file over the R syntax file from the R bundle. Then “Reload Bundles” or restart TextMate.

You may need to install the R bundle first if you have not already:

mkdir -p /Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
cd /Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
svn co

Then either reload the bundles or restart TextMate to get the bundle activated.

Local texmf tree on Mac OS X

This is mostly a reference for a me but also a good reminder for those using TeXLive on Mac OS X (a.k.a. MacTeX). From the document “What Is Installed.pdf” in /Applications/TeX:

Incidentally, if you want to add files to TEX Live for one particular user, install them in a similar tree ~/Library/texmf where ~/Library is the Library folder in that user’s home directory. The folder texmf and other folders for the tree will have to be created. For instance, TEX will find any file in ~/Library/texmf/tex or a subfolder of this location, LATEX will find any file in ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex or a subfolder of this location, and BibTEX will find any .bib file in ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bib or a subfolder of this location, and any .bst file in ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bst or a subfolder of this location. It is not necessary to use texhash when adding files to this local tree.

Critical programs (for me) now up and running on Snow Leopard

I updated to Snow Leopard the first day it came out and much to my ire, many of the programs and plugins that I use regularly were not compatible. Most of the issues had to do with 32/64 bit compatibility with system components. Fortunately the last became available recently (SafariStand).

So the three plugins that I rely on in Safari are finally up and running on Snow Leopard. Those being:

  • Glims
    • Adds Numerous sweet features to Safari such as improved search suggestions, many tab options, like “always open in new tab”, favicons on tabs and keyword searches!
  • SafariStand
    • The other essential plugin, add toolbar button for viewing individual site scripts and downloading flash movies (among other things).
  • GlimmerBlocker

Other programs I rely on that now are working great on SL are:

    • Allows programs like SafariStand to work.
  • Growl
    • You use Mac OS X and you don’t know what Growl is?
  • iStat Menus
    • Various type of monitors for your system, in the menu bar! Keeps you very in touch with your system. I used to use MenuMeters for the same purpose, but iStat Menus basically took that project and totally tricked it out, making it way better.