Critical programs (for me) now up and running on Snow Leopard

I updated to Snow Leopard the first day it came out and much to my ire, many of the programs and plugins that I use regularly were not compatible. Most of the issues had to do with 32/64 bit compatibility with system components. Fortunately the last became available recently (SafariStand).

So the three plugins that I rely on in Safari are finally up and running on Snow Leopard. Those being:

  • Glims
    • Adds Numerous sweet features to Safari such as improved search suggestions, many tab options, like “always open in new tab”, favicons on tabs and keyword searches!
  • SafariStand
    • The other essential plugin, add toolbar button for viewing individual site scripts and downloading flash movies (among other things).
  • GlimmerBlocker

Other programs I rely on that now are working great on SL are:

    • Allows programs like SafariStand to work.
  • Growl
    • You use Mac OS X and you don’t know what Growl is?
  • iStat Menus
    • Various type of monitors for your system, in the menu bar! Keeps you very in touch with your system. I used to use MenuMeters for the same purpose, but iStat Menus basically took that project and totally tricked it out, making it way better.

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