pgfSweave 1.1.3 and Beyond

pgfSweave 1.1.3 is now on CRAN. This release adds a few new features and fixes some bugs

  • The pesky Rplots.pdf file is not generated anymore
  • Brand new vignette by Hans Ekbrand on the use of pgfSweave with large data sets based on this site.
  • New example on using caching by Yihui Xie
  • Reusing code chunks now works as expected
  • Inline comments are now preserved when tidy=T (thanks to changes in the formatR)

Please see the NEWS file for the full list sicce version 1.1.0.

I am also now working on the next version of pgfSweave to be version 1.2. This version will make some considerable changes to improve efficiency, namely

  • Scrap the “old” externalization (\beginpgfgraphicnamed) in favor of the tikz external library (\tikzexternalize) which will allow for parallel compilation of external graphics
  • Improve recognition of changes to plotting chunks for efficiency
  • Fix centering of \include‘d images and highlighted output
  • Improve upon the package load time
  • Spif up the command line interface with some new options

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