2 thoughts on “pgfSweave version 1.0.5 released

  1. Dear Cool Freakish Dude!

    pgfSweave seems like it will be cool to use… perhaps I can use it to make my boss happy! However, I need examples… I am sure there are some on line!

    How do you do it? You certainly know how to take care of biz: you have ladies lined up around the block, are a grad student, and bust out software. I can only wish I was as cool as you.


    1. Dear Aarin, you are full of it :).

      As for pgfSweave, if you install the package, there is a manual accessible by typing


      Start there and make sure you have all the system requirements listed in the manual, including those for windows. That should give you sufficient background and resources if you are already familiar with Sweave. To get access to the command line script (i.e. R CMD pgfsweave) you need to install the package from source


      Yes, this can be used on the windows command prompt too. 🙂 I’d love to hear about your experience using the package, if you run into any problems or there are things you would like to see implemented and such.

      Take it easy!


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