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swfDevice: Help Wanted (Windows Build) and Outlook

swfDevice is an R package I am developing that produces swf (flash) files natively from R.

If anyone can step up and help get a working windows build up and running that would be great! I have little expertise with windows and I am just about stuck as what to do next. The task involved linking to some precompiled dlls and such since ming depends on libpng, zlib, libungig and freetype. If you would like to help, send me an email (cameron.bracken [at] gmail.com).

Todo before initial CRAN release:

  • Working windows build that does not crash when any operation is performed
  • option to wrap swf output in HTML

Todo in the future (possibly before initial release but probably not):

Device features

  • xCharOffset yCharOffset
  • yLineBias
  • ipr: pixels per inch
  • cra: default character size in pixels
  • canClip: will be much harder than tikzDevice
  • canChangeGamma
  • canHAdj: not supported
  • startps: ditto
  • hasTextUTF8: should be possible with ming
  • wantSymbolUTF8: ditto

Implement remaining graphics parameters

  • gamma
  • lend
  • ljoin
  • lmitre
  • lineheight

Graphics primitives

  • metricInfo (is currently returning the same metrics for all characters, this is bad but does not severely affect the text placement)
  • textUTF8
  • strWidthUTF8

swfDevice is nearing completion

My new R package, swfDevice, is getting close to its first release. This package enables native R graphics output as swf (flash) files. It also as the ability to create animations with player controls. The main project page is here and the results of the test suite are here.

Here are some samples:



There are still a few things left to be done such as clipping and a working windows build.