Who wants to maintain pgfSweave?

So the time has come for me to face the fact that I have no time to maintain pgfSweave. It was recently archived because I didn’t make necessary changes to comply with some CRAN policies. SO, I need someone to step up to the plate to make some tweakes, put it back up on CRAN and maintain it in the future. Is it you?

To do the job you need at a basic understanding (or a desire to learn) the following:

  • Git/Github
  • Sweave
  • LaTeX
  • Make
  • R (duh :p)

Compensation includes:

  • Undying glory
  • The respect of your peers
  • Self satisfaction
  • A high-five from me if we ever meet in person!

If you are interested in the job please contact me at cameron[dot]bracken[at]gmail[dot]com

3 thoughts on “Who wants to maintain pgfSweave?

  1. Not to hurt your feelings, but … knitr has tried very hard to incorporate a lot of the features of pgfSweave (including caching and transparent/convenient tikz). Is there a list of features that pgfSweave has that knitr doesn’t, that could be worked into knitr? (I have used or tried to use Sweave, weaver, cacheSweave, and pgfSweave in the past, and knitr now does everything I wanted from those packages and more …)

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